Cherry No Cheese Cheesecake Popsicle


This is what you want. It’s an easy-to-make frozen flavor bomb – creamy and full of cherry goodness.

Sour cream keeps it light while adding that delicious tang you crave from cheesecake. Cherries are gently heated with a hit of brandy and swirled in.



A healthy dose of sour cream gives these that classic cheesecake tangy flavor.   Fresh or frozen cherries are gently cooked into a thick syrupy concoction (add in splash of brandy for bonus points).  The whole thing is swirled together to make a decadent, gorgeous, creamy popsicle. 

  • Author: MJ


  • 239g (8oz)                  sweet cherries pitted*
  • 205g (1/2 + 1/3 cup)  sugar
  • 1 TBS                           lemon juice
  • 1 TBS                           brandy*
  • 264g (1 1/4 cups)       milk
  •                                      pinch of salt 
  • 270g (1 1/4 cups)       sour cream
  • 1 tsp                             vanilla paste*


Combine the cherries,  66g (1/3 cup) sugar and lemon juice in saucepan.  Cook until the sugar is dissolved then continue on medium heat until thick syrup forms.  Depending on your cherries, this could take from 8-12 minutes.  Off heat add the brandy.  Cool to room temperature then refrigerate until cold. 

Meanwhile, in a clean saucepan heat the milk, 139g (1/2 cup) of sugar, and salt.  As soon as it comes to a boil immediately take it off the heat.  Whisk in the sour cream and vanilla paste.  Cool to room temperature.

In your popsicle mold, put a spoonful of the sour cream mixture at the bottom followed by a spoonful of the cherries.  Continue to alternate layers leaving a 1/4″ unfilled at the top of the mold so the popsicles can expand as they freeze.  Insert sticks if your molds have a lid that keeps the sticks upright.  Alternately, freeze the popsicles for 20 minutes until slightly firm then insert the sticks.    Layer the sour cream mixture with the cherries. Freeze until completely firm, about 2-4 hours depending on your freezer. 


  • Fresh or frozen cherries will work.  Use whichever has the best quality – a fresh cherry isn’t better if it arrived at the market under ripe from a farm three states over. 
  • The brandy is completely optional.  But it does add a pretty cool retro cherries flambé flavor. 
  • A 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract can be substituted. 

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