A completely over the top addictive caramel sauce. Bringing the sugar to the brink of disaster creates an intense, smoky flavor coupled with an amazing, buttery finish. The layers of flavor just keep going and going and going

  • Author: MJ


  • 225g  sugar
  • 139g  heavy cream
  •   70g  light corn syrup
  •   58g  butter in chunks


Gently warm the cream in a small saucepan over low heat. Place sugar in a small heavy bottom saucepan with high sides over medium heat. Stir the sugar until it is almost all melted then allow it to cook undisturbed. Let the sugar turn an almost black brown.  If the sugar foams up give it a quick stir to settle it.

When it’s nearly black, smokey and there’s with a few big bubbles on the surface it’s ready. Immediately take it off the heat. Take your time and work carefully while wearing an oven mitt – the sugar is very very hot.  Stir in the corn syrup.   Stand back and add the warm cream (the mixture will foam up)*

Keep stirring the caramel, scrapping the bottom. Add in the butter one chunk at a time, stirring until fully incorporated. Carefully pour the hot caramel into a container and allow to cool before refigerating. 


  • Not only can the hot sugar burn you, so can the steam created when adding liquids to the hot sugar. Don’t put your face directly over the pot, stand back and wear an oven mitt.