My guess is that you probably don’t care about what my passions are or what I had for breakfast today. You’re here for the gelato.

So am I.

Now I don’t claim to be a professional or the ultimate authority. What I am is a hardcore enthusiast who is relentless in the pursuit of all things gelato (and ice cream. And sorbet. You get the idea) I don’t think of this site as a blog, but as a resource for everything from recipes and guides to the culture and history of ice creams. Plus any weird fun stuff that crosses my path. Still have questions? Check out the FAQs below.


  • Do you have an actual name? Yes, I do. It’s Mary. I also go by MJ
  • Did you come with all these recipes yourself? Yep, sure did. I interned at two gelaterias for a while and learned a lot about making gelato.
  • Do you sell your gelato/ice cream? Nope.
  • Why? Getting a license to sell gelato/ice cream is really complicated. Not to mention expensive. I’ve thought about creating an underground gelato exchange – kind of like a David Fincher version of Baskin Robbins.
  • Is homemade gelato and ice cream really worth it? Hell yeah! It’s SO much better! You know exactly what’s in it and you can make any flavor you want. And the mix-ins!
  • I don’t have an ice cream machine so I guess I’ll just be sad. Stop that! Ice cream was being made centuries before the ice cream machine was invented. Start with no-churn recipes. You can do this.
  • You sound a little obsessed. Thank you.
  • Where are all the ads? Do you want ads? Didn’t think so. Me either. Sometimes you’ll see a collab or sponsored post but only from brands that I personally endorse. No affiliate links or embedded ads.
  • So do you have a real job? That’s debatable. I create and produce TV shows.
  • I have more questions!! Ok. That’s what the contact form is for! I’d love to hear from you.